A new and fun multiplayer game for Chromecast!

Colors BattleCast is a strategy game against the clock to get more points than other players putting your color on the board of your TV.

How it works?

The game starts once you have entedered your player name and choose a color. Then, the game will start and you have to look at the colors of the TV board and from the phone, you have to choose a square and send your color to fill that square or remove it.

You get 1 point by putting your color over a white square, 3 if you put it over another player’s color and 5 for each square of your color at the end of time. Win who have more points at the end of the game.

If you think it is simple, you are right, but you will need to use your strategy skills to get the most points. The time is limited and you can fill squares with your color, only once each 5 seconds. Between those 5 secs of refreshing, any other player can put their color over your squares and you will lose points. Also, there are two “items” you can use in your favor or against other players. One will delete someone color of a cell, and the other, will shoot your color straight, without the 5 secs delay. You decide when you use each of them. You can use those items only 3 times every game.

Note: Google Chromecast is required to play this game. Each player needs a smartphone or tablet device. Two players needed to play and up to four on the free version of the game. Want to play with 8 players at the same time? you can buy the 8 player upgrade and remove ads by buying the add at their store.