A web browser gaming console for your Chromecast

AirConsole is an instant entertainment system for friends. Your browser is the console. Your smartphones are the gamepads.

Play awesome games, solo or with friends. Some games can be played for up 10 people! There are games to sing, like karaoke; retro games, collaborative or competitive games, games for the whole family and much more! Everything just with your smartphone as a controller. Functions like swipe, tilt, rotation or the microphone are used to play AirConsole games.

How to play on AirConsole:

Go to www.airconsole.com with your Laptop and press ‘Start’.

Open the app on your smartphone and enter the code displayed.

Share the content on your laptop to your Chromecast enabled TV. Use a third party program or Chome Web Browser.

How to play in multiplayer mode:

Download the app on desired devices. Then enter the code displayed before, and join the game with your friends =)