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A web browser gaming console for your Chromecast

AirConsole presents an instantaneous entertainment hub tailored for companionship. Your browser serves as the console while your smartphones double as versatile gamepads.

Engage in captivating games, either individually or in the company of friends. Certain games accommodate up to ten participants, fostering a lively atmosphere. A medley of options awaits, spanning from melodious karaoke to vintage classics, collaborative endeavors, spirited competitions, family-friendly selections, and an expansive array. All effortlessly facilitated via your smartphone’s control interface. Games on AirConsole ingeniously harness functions like swipe, tilt, rotation, and even the microphone to orchestrate engaging gameplay experiences.

How to play on AirConsole:

Go to with your Laptop and press ‘Start’.

Open the app on your smartphone and enter the code displayed.

Share the content on your laptop to your Chromecast enabled TV. Use a third party program or Chome Web Browser.

How to play in multiplayer mode:

Download the app on desired devices. Then enter the code displayed before, and join the game with your friends =)

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