Create movies from your photos and videos and safe store your media!

With RealTimes you can create a video collage from your camera roll, send the created video to friends and keep private albums safe in the cloud using RealTimes with RealPlayer. It is quick and easy to use. Create video collages instantly by combining photos and videos into a beautiful video “Story”, like a movie. You can add music and  custom effects. Edit your collage videos on the go with their cloud drive, and stream your videos to the big screen using a variety of compatible devices, like our beloved Chromecast.

There are more features that you will discover by yourself trying this app out, like: Share to Pinterest, Trim or copy scenes. Personalize your feed (for those things you don’t want to show :P) and there are Family accounts, that means if you plan to become a premium user, you can share the fee with up to 4 people!