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Create movies from your photos and videos and safe store your media!

Welcome to RealTimes, your ultimate video collage creator and sharing platform! With RealTimes and RealPlayer, you have the power to turn your camera roll moments into captivating video collages. Share these fantastic creations with your friends while keeping your private albums secure in the cloud.

Creating video collages has never been easier – just select photos and videos from your collection, and RealTimes will weave them together into a stunning video “Story,” resembling a professionally made movie. You can even add your favorite music and customize the effects to make it truly yours. The process is quick, simple, and enjoyable!

Editing your collage videos is a breeze with our cloud drive feature, allowing you to fine-tune your masterpieces on the go. And guess what? You can stream these wonderful videos to the big screen using a range of compatible devices, including our beloved Chromecast.

But that’s not all! As you explore the app, you’ll discover more exciting features like seamless sharing to Pinterest, the ability to trim or copy scenes, and the option to personalize your feed for those moments you’d rather keep to yourself (wink).

Here’s a special treat for premium users – Family accounts! With this feature, you and up to four loved ones can share the premium benefits together, making it even more rewarding.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into RealTimes and unlock a world of creativity and sharing like never before!


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