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Amazon Prime Video is the Amazon app where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. From TV series to Hollywood movies. Stream and download them to watch anytime. Popular series and TV Shows including Amazon exclusives like The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, and Tumble Leaf. With subtitles in many languages and many other cool features.

But Amazon Prime Video, is not compatible with Chromecast yet. We are waiting for it to be added, but, while we are waiting for it, we give to you this ‘trick’ to watch Amazon Video on your big screen.

It is simple, maybe you know, but there we go:

First of all, download Amazon Prime Video from Google Play.
Be sure your Android device and your Chromecast, are connected on the same WI-FI network.
On your Android device, go to the Google Home app.
On the home page, click on the top left button to display more options. Click on ‘Send screen/audio’.
On the next screen, select your desired Chromecast device and send.
Now, open Amazon Prime Video on your Android device.

Voilà! You are watching Amazon Prime Video on the big screen. But there are the cons: You can’t put the app on background because it will stop playing the video. You can’t turn off the phone screen, that means more battery consumption. Depending on your network speed (lag),you can experiment some sync issues with the audio and the video, not playing properly.

Remember: By registering from this link: >> Access the 30-day trial << you get access to all the content for 30 days for FREE! (Only for new registrations).

Note: If you are an Amazon Prime customer and proud of your Premium account, you should know that you have access to this application without additional fees.