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Finally on Chromecast!

Today there are many applications on the market that let you listen to an extensive list of radio stations, both national and international or local and it is difficult to pick one or the other. In addition there are also many who begin to offer other services besides just listening to music, like having your own podcast library. Although we can say that TuneIn Radio, stands out above the others and not only because it is one of the few that is compatible with Chromecast.

With TuneIn Radio you can listen to AM / FM radio, Internet radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks, etc … Being able to choose from more than 100,000 stations with large variety in sports, music, talkshows and news from around the world. You can create your own selection and have the stations you prefer just a click away. In addition TuneIn has a ‘car mode’ that make it easier to manage the application while driving.


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