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Express your Valentine’s Day romantic feelings on your TV screen

Get ready for next 14th Feb! Pick a Valentine’s Day themed background and type in your own text. Surprise your partner with romantic messages! You can set up the TV screen with your message and leave it on – the message will keep showing even after you disconnect your phone or tablet (perfect for leaving a note on the TV when going out)!

How it works: With this app you can choose between 22 Valentine’s Day themed romantic backgrounds, then write a message. Choose your message font, size and color. Exit the application.

Need some ideas?

* You can prepare a romantic Valentine’s Day message that your partner can wake up to!
* Write up a love note to cheer her up after a long day at work.
* Set up a romantic mood with roses on your TV screen, without any message text.
* Leave a “miss you” note when you leave for work.

Note: This app is NOT free (1.11$). Chromecast device is needed.


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