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Take your music channel, anywhere

Note: This app is free to download. It is suitable for TV provider clients with Stingray Music service, to take their music anywhere. Stingray offers: Stingray TV, in case you don’t have a TV provider and want Stingray Music.

Explore 2,000 expertly curated music channels in close to 100 genres by combining filters in activity, mood, theme, era and genre categories. Those channels offer specialty content carefully selected to suit all tastes, occasions, and local trends. Channels are added to your existing lists of Recommendations, Top Channels and New Releases. Recommendations are based on your preferences and listening history.

With Stingray Music, you’ve got all the music genres right at your fingertips. The best music for every moment, place and mood in your life, curated by music experts from around the globe.

Note: Free with your subscription to a TV provider that offers the Stingray Music service.


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