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Perfect drawing partner for games

Colorcast serves as your ultimate companion for engaging in drawing games with your loved ones. Bid farewell to excessive paper wastage!

This serves as a complimentary trial of the original application. Consequently, there are limitations on the number of participants, teams, rounds, and vocabulary. Should you find this version satisfactory, you have the option to purchase the full version.

Primarily designed for drawing, Colorcast can also serve as a versatile tool for other games such as Pictionary or as a digital scorekeeping notebook. In fact, it includes a game similar to Pictionary!

The application boasts an extensive array of hues, 4 brush sizes, a full-screen canvas, and more. Moreover, 3 or 4 players can engage on a single device (up to 15 in the premium version).

NOTE: A single copy of the application and one device are all that’s required for multiple individuals to partake. Colorcast is optimally utilized on larger devices, such as tablets. Chromecast compatibility is necessary for Colorcast operation.





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