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Now watch your Facebook videos on Chromecast

At times, the screen of a smartphone can feel a bit cramped for certain videos. This is where Google Chromecast comes to the rescue, allowing you to easily stream videos from your mobile device to your TV. While major video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have long supported Chromecast, Facebook was noticeably absent from the list of supported platforms.

However, Facebook has now introduced the capability to cast videos from its site to your TV. Instead of using the traditional Cast icon (which resembles waves heading towards the TV), Facebook has opted for a TV icon. You can locate this icon in the button bar of the video player when using an Android device.

Upon tapping this button, a separate window will appear. In this window, you’ll find the Chromecast icon and another button to toggle between these options. To get started, simply select your desired device and click “connect” to begin playback on your TV.


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