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The best series on Chromecast

The Netflix mobile application, coming from the world’s premier subscription service for viewing TV shows and movies, provides an unparalleled experience anytime, anywhere.

This app allows you to explore an ever-expanding library of thousands of titles, with new episodes being added on a regular basis. Enjoy the convenience of searching for your favorite titles and instantly streaming them on your phone, or cast them to your TV screen via Chromecast. The seamless multi-device experience means you can start viewing on one gadget and continue from where you left off on another – be it gaming consoles, phones, or tablets. You’re also empowered to rate your beloved shows and movies, among other features!

Please note: While the app itself is free to download, it serves as an add-on for existing Netflix subscribers. If you’re not currently a subscriber, you can still download and use the app for free, and you’ll receive a one-month free trial to discover all that Netflix has to offer.


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