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Music and Lyrics for your Chromecast

Welcome to Musixmatch, the world’s largest lyrics catalog designed to elevate your music experience with synchronized lyrics. For all you music enthusiasts out there, this app is an absolute must-have.

Uncover the remarkable FloatingLyrics feature that allows you to relish in perfectly synced lyrics while jamming to your favorite tracks on Spotify, Play Music, and any other music app you adore. Find the lyrics you seek instantly and seamlessly play the song on Youtube or Spotify with just a tap.

Beyond the core feature, Musixmatch offers a plethora of cool functionalities waiting for you to explore. From discovering new songs to singing along with precision, this app has it all.

And guess what? You can experience all these wonders without spending a dime! Musixmatch is entirely free to download, so why wait? Enhance your music journey and immerse yourself in the magic of lyrics like never before!


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