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The famous dance game for your Chromecast

Experience the thrill of dancing with Just Dance, the world’s top dance game, now available on your Chromecast!

With over 700 incredible hits to groove to, you can dance to your heart’s content, either with your friends or all by yourself, anywhere and anytime you like. The tracklist is constantly expanding, with new chart-toppers regularly added to keep the excitement going.

Turn your smartphone into a controller, connect it to your TV and Chromecast, and let the dance floor come to life in your living room!

Please note that Just Dance Now is a free game to play, offering a limited number of songs for you to enjoy. If you want to keep dancing without any waiting, you can opt for the VIP pass, which grants you unlimited access to the entire song catalog. With the VIP pass, you can host unlimited dance sessions and invite all your friends to join in on the fun at no cost!

Get ready to move and groove like never before with Just Dance Now on your Chromecast. Let the dance party begin!


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