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For those melancholic programmers and PC users

This is an emulator of a TRS-80 Model I & III. It was a personal computer that was made in the late 70’s and the early 80’s. For those who are curious how those computers work, that app might have some interest, but it is focused on programmers who can already make it work. The cool thing, it’s that you can cast all the content to your big screen with Chromecast.

The following features are currently supported:

•  Model I & III (text mode only)
•  Cassette support. A default blank tape is automatically created (a different
cassette image can be mounted via the Edit Configuration dialog). Use the
rewind button in the action bar to rewind the tape to the beginning
•  Floppy disks
•  Sound
•  Different keyboard types, including a tilt interface where the accelerometer triggers cursor keys (for games)
•  Game controller support: joystick and DPAD buttons are mapped to appropriate cursor keys. Other game controller keys are mapped to space for now.
•  Define different keyboard layouts for landscape and portrait mode
•  When an external keyboard is detected, it will automatically be used instead of the configured soft-keyboard. Use -B and -C for and respectively

Note: This is an alpha version. The CoCo is NOT supported.


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