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Angry Birds game with Chromecast enabled!

Important: In order to activate the ‘Chromecast’ feature, it is necessary to complete the tutorial. The tutorial provides a step-by-step explanation on how to connect the game to your Chromecast device.

Discover the exciting world of Angry Birds Friends, the game from Rovio that allows you to compete against your friends and players from around the globe. Engage in thrilling weekly tournaments and determine who is the ultimate bird thrower. Prepare for fresh challenges as the game’s scenarios change every week!

Join in the excitement of themed competitions held throughout the year, including special festive tournaments during Christmas, Halloween, and other notable dates on the calendar.

Additionally, Angry Birds Friends introduces a League mode, enabling you to challenge millions of players worldwide. Earn valuable points to enhance your ranking and ascend through the seven levels. Staying at the top is no easy task!

Please note that Angry Birds Friends is a completely free game, though in-app purchases are available. An internet connection is required to play on mobile devices.


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