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Is your Chromecast download speed fast enough?

Has Ever happened to you that you tried an app on your Chromecast and is not working properly? Well, maybe it was not the fault of the application 🙂 .

A lot of apps require a good Internet download speed to run well in Chromecast. Sometimes the distance between Chromecast and your wifi access point is so long or there are objects between them and that results into bad bandwidth connection. Your Android device does not matter on the speed connection between the app, your router and the Chromecast itself.

With this free app, you can measure how good is your Chromecast download speed.

How it works?

Download the application, and run it. The app will automatically find your Chromecast and ask you to connect to it. So connect and hit the ‘Launch test’ button to start the speed test.

Now you know if you need to make any changes around to your Chromecast and Router to improve your casting speed 🙂

In its last version you’ll see a useful recommended speeds data in order to verify your download speed is well.


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