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Gallery Organizer

Experience the power of PHOTO, the ultimate tool for organizing your photos with lightning speed. With its user-friendly interface and efficient functionality, you can organize up to 100 photos in just one minute. Simply select the desired photos, and they will be instantly sorted and organized for you. Easily tag and search for specific photos and videos. Sort them into folders or create lists based on various criteria such as creation time, addition time, name, and more.

PHOTO offers all these incredible features for free, without any annoying ads. Plus, it provides the ability to recover accidentally deleted photos, ensuring that no cherished memories are lost. Enhance your privacy by creating private folders or hiding them, with the option to add an access code for added security. Immerse yourself in the world of GIFs, playing them seamlessly just like on your PC. You can even create your own GIFs within the app! And to top it all off, enjoy the convenience of viewing all your photos on a TV screen using Chromecast.


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