The best Karaoke app in Google Play

Introducing Yokee, the ultimate free Karaoke app that revolutionizes your singing experience by seamlessly integrating with YouTube.

Discover the limitless possibilities of the Yokee Karaoke app, offering three main features to enhance your singing journey:

SING: Immerse yourself in an expansive catalogue of music videos encompassing various genres and themes, allowing you to find songs from your favorite artists. Enjoy the freedom to sing in any language and unleash your vocal talents!

RECORD: Choose your desired song and record your vocal track while singing along to the lyrics. Add special voice effects like echo and reverb to enhance your performance. Feel free to re-record yourself as many times as you wish, striving for the perfect rendition.

SHARE: Showcase your incredible performances with the world by sharing them on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp, and more. Connect with friends to listen to their own remarkable renditions and provide ratings and feedback.

We firmly believe that Yokee outshines any other karaoke app in the market. However, don’t just take our word for it. Download the Yokee Karaoke app now and embark on an extraordinary singing experience that will captivate and inspire you. Witness the magic for yourself!