Workout videos, health recomendations and articles in this Chromecast app

In this Chromecast app, you can find tips and programs to live in a healthy way. Here’s what you’ll find inside the Life Time Health app:

Health and wellness programs: Go through different programs, ranging from helping with overall healthy living to strength training to run training.

Health coaching: Talk by phone with a Health Coach. They work one-on-one with you to answer questions, offer advice, help you set goals, and create realistic, achievable plans.

Workout videos: Stream expert-led workout videos, ranging from cardio to yoga to strength training to Pilates. Videos vary in time and level, requiring little to no equipment.

And, among those, you can find health articles, a healthy online shop or track your workouts.

Note: It is possible that the ‘talk by phone’ with your coach, it’s not available in all countries.