The web browser you will use starting today!

Discreet is a simple and lightweight web browser that allows you to browse privately through all those websites you like to visit in your intimate moments, with no worries that anyone will catch you looking at them.

With it you can access adult websites, dating sites, medical related sites, check your social networks or emails, watch videos or do anything else without anyone knowing.

Compared to other browsers, Discreet removes all your tracks when you close it. This way, your browsing history, session data, cookies, passwords and so on are deleted. No one will know which pages you have visited and don’t have to worry to delete all your info/data if you borrowed a phone from a friend, for example.

Also, you have other benefits like, you can watch full screen movies and cast them to Chromecast, or close your browser quickly from the notification window and avoid displaying the content of what you are viewing. Or technical benefits like, light developlement which its made with, that requires less space on your device than other browsers, or the Fast Mode, that takes advantage of the Chromium engine (the same one used by Chrome) making your navigation faster and more agile.