Strategy board game for our Chromecast

Satis-Factory is a strategy board game that can be played solo, or as a cooperative game with up to four players.

An alien entity appeared in orbit. Scientists quickly learned it is using the human population to incubate a toxic compound they call Satis. Each game turn some cities get struck, increasing their Satis level. If a city is already at max Satis the strike ripples out to connected neighbors.

After the strike, players roll dice to lock in their resources, then spend those resources to move, cure, ripple-cure, or help build the Weapon. After all players finish, the next turn starts with a new strike.

Players lose if Satis consumes too many cities, or win if they finish the Weapon.

Simple and addictive board game. The game is very straight forward but requires tactics.

Note: Only available in English. Free. You can play it on Chromecast!