Play triple A games with your Chromecast Ultra!

Stadia is an all-new gaming platform that lets you play games across screens. You can play games on any screen or televisions with the Stadia Controller and Google Chromecast Ultra. Isn’t it amazing?!

The moment you purchase a game, it’s ready to play as long as you have Wi-Fi. You play up to 4K and 60 FPS with HDR.

Stadia is constantly being updated and improved. You won’t need to upgrade your console or PC hardware to play the latest games, because Stadia already does that for you behind the scenes.

Note: to play Stadia, you’ll need a code that will be provided to you with a qualified purchase, such as Stadia Founder’s Edition or Stadia Premiere Edition. Stadia Pro subscription may be required for access to some features. Only available for Chromecast Ultra.