Dance with your phone

Jamo puts free dance games from Wii/Xbox on your Android phone.

Their motion tracking technology turns your phone into a controller, and it scores your dance moves with the built-in motion sensors. Now just dance and show off your moves to compete for fame and glory. Also includes the hottest dance routines (Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Hula, Latin….) for hottest songs (Problem, Fancy….), available to you on your phone anywhere, anytime, just dance away. You can also record yourself to challenge your friends to follow your movements.

How to play: Connect to your Chromecast TV. Hold your iOS or Android phone like a Wii controller and just dance. Our motion tracking technology tracks and scores your dance moves based on your performance, just dance with phone. Link several phones togheter to host a dance party.

Note: This is a Beta version of the game. While in Beta, all songs and features are free!