More movies and series with Chromecast

Hulu is another of these applications of films and series but offers users some services that make it stand out from others and explain why this is one of the most downloaded applications.

Many popular shows are available day after air and, depending on the show, you can watch multiple episodes from the current season. Hulu also creates its own series and productions that will also have access. It also includes special children’s channel, channel with Latin series and soap operas than the before mentioned, Hulu channel.  Watch the latest episodes of shows like Empire, Once Upon a Time, The Last Man on Earth, The Voice, and many more. Enjoy previous seasons of Seinfeld, South Park, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Last Ship, American Horror Story, and more. Watch over 100,000 episodes of TV, including current episodes and full seasons.

Note: The app is free but offers two premium plans: Limited commercials for only $7.99/month, no commercials for $11.99/month.