How much do you know about animals?

Note: This app doesn’t have Chromecast compatibility yet. We apologize.

You may think that you know so much about animals. I don’t doubt that, but, how much you really know? I’m sure that some questions and answers, will surprise you. Do you know what a binturong is? How about a kowari? Maybe a potoo? See them all in “QuizTix: Animal Pics”.

QuizTix: Animal Pics it’s another game of the QuizTix series. If you have been following us for some time, you may know about it already. In case you don’t, QuizTix offers a unique trivia gameplay that is fun and rewarding: answer questions to win Tix (in game currency) and fill the nature park with colourful animal characters.

You can play against your friends, or ask them for help with any questions. You will be asked about: Camouflage, predators, sea life, animals that live with humans… and many more!