Guess who is the spy, on this chromecast game

In this fun game for Chromecast, everything is done through your friends or familiy Android devices and a Chromecast enabled TV.

In ‘The Spy Game’, one of the players is the spy and the others have to guess who that is. The spy on the other hand has to guess where the other players are situated. This is done by asking questions to each other. Player 1 asks a question to player 2 and when player 2 has answered, it’s his turn to ask a question. A player is not allowed to ask a question to the player that asked the question in the previous turn.

There is a time limit for each round. After the game has been started a countdown counter shows the playing time left. When the counter reaches 00:00 or someone has ended the game, it’s time to speak out. You have 30 seconds to answer. For each correct answer you get a point. A scoreboard keeps track of the points. You can play rounds until the first person reaches a number of points (for example first to ten points).

Note: The Spy Game is a fun game for 3 up to a maximum of 9 players.