Football Quiz Game

In a matter of a month, half world will be engaged in different football championships. With QuizTix: World Football Quiz you can prepare yourself properly by answering questions and learning about this sport history, some tips and facts. Answer questions to win Tix (a kind of ingame coins) and fill the stadium with colourful fans. There are many categories that you will be asked about such: “Goal Scorers”, “Fame and Football”, “World Cup Heroes” and even “Animals and Football”.

This game can be connected with Facebook, Twitter or email to recibe help from your friends if you get stuck on any question. Compare your progress with friends and show them who’s the king of quiz leaderboards. Also collect bonuses, complete daily quiz challenges and unlock achievements.

Note: QuizTix work with Google Chromecast. This football quiz game is completely free to download and play. However, some game power-ups can be purchased with real money within the game.