Fast downloads and amazing features

PowerDownloads is a powerful tool to download files, or watch them while downloading.

What exactly is PowerDownloads?
It is an application to download every kind of file and content from the web. It will let you surf all around the web and go to your favorite websites with the embedded browser, but also intercept and open links from other browsers or applications you use.

There are many features to discover in this app, the good thing, it’s that you will be guided with a tutorial at the very beginning when you start using this application, so things will be more clear and you will be able to take it all from this tool.

Enjoy faster downloads. Look and listen any video or audio file before the downloads end on a TV with Chromecast. Pause downloads, and restart them after or put your desired download in the background and you can do something else while it gets ready. Those are just a few of the features that the app offers to you. Don’t miss all the good stuff inside it!