Do you have a meeting? Show them where are you in real time!

We present an app so useful. It is ‘On My Way’ and serves to know where a friend is when they are on their way… It works similar to sharing your location by Whatsapp, but, in the case of ‘On My Way’, the location is being updated.

The truth is that we have tried it and it seems to us so useful. We give you an example: You have to meet with a friend who happens to pick you up at home to go to a restaurant together … when your friend leaves their house, they activate the app. Now you  can follow them on the map and when you see that they are near your home, you can go down to the street. So you do not have to wait or they don’t have to park 🙂

Two very peculiar things: The location is shared through a secret link. This way, the receiver does NOT need to have the app installed. Also the app automatically turns off after a defined time to avoid be always sharing our location … can you imagine? XD.

And you will say: okay, but … how does this app relate to my Chromecast? … it turns out that in its latest version, opening the link with the app you can send the map to your Chromecast. This way you can follow the path of your friend on your beloved TV screen. We do not know if it is a very useful functionality, but it is compatible with Chromecast. So we explain it to you :).

It’s a great way to ‘look good’ if you go on a date, showing that you care and even invite them to show where you are and let them know, that you’re close or ‘On My Way’ 😉