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With over 14 different workout programs, DailyBurn offers unparalleled variety. From Bodyweight Training and Kettlebells to Dance and Yoga so you will always find the perfect workout for you.

DailyBurn nowadays its probably the best fitness app compatible with Chromecast. Offers a team of professional expert trainers to keep you engaged and to help you get faster results while having fun. Also have a collection of workouts and videos with over 100 individual workouts for all levels. Whether you are a True Beginner, a cardio addict or a Yoga master. If you were looking for a fitness app to cast to your Tv, that’s a good choice.

Note: This app is free but with some limitations. If you subscribe you get unlimited access to all of our workout videos, plus access to each new training program that they release. You also get 7 days free trial, to try all the app features.