Chromecast SNES Emulator

Are you one of those that have a SNES (Super Nintendo) or has heard your parents mention it thousands of times?

Whether you are or not, if you have Chromecast, you should try “Chromecast SNES Emulator” or what is the same: Emulator to play SNES on your television thanks to your Android mobile and your Google Chromecast.

This app is only the emulator. It does not include games since, otherwise, it wouldn’t last long at the Play Store.

Anyways, we will fix that in a moment. I will give you some links to SNES games for free to use with your SNES Chromecast, you only have to download them from anywhere to your Android and SNES emulator will find it and upload it. It’s just that easy.

Games/Roms to download from Internet for free

We have the screen (the TV, with Chromecast), and we have the SNES (our phone with the app installed) we miss the gamepad. Don’t worry, your phone becomes the gamepad when we start casting to our screen 😉

I believe it has been too long since you had a fun afternoon with Donkey Kong, Super Mario Kart, Megaman or Final Fantasy. Now with your Chromecast, and your Android phone, its time to remember that fun games.