Chromecast helps you to get a six pack abs!

If you have been following us and our apps for Chromecast, you may have noticed that we care about your health 😉 and like to share with you as many as healthy apps are around. Runtastic Six Pack Abs Trainer is one of those apps you won’t regret downloading and use it everyday. It has plenty of exercises and workouts to define your abs and you almost will not notice how you get there.

This app uses an Avatar to show you how to do each movement with HD videos. Also, you get customized abs and core workouts. It is the best way to have a personal six pack personal trainer, anytime. Anywhere. Not enough time? Not enough cash to hire a personal trainer? No more excuses 😛

Runtastic six pack workout ab have many features: You can adjust the difficulty, receive tips and motivational messages. Personalize your workouts, and much more!

Note: No gym equipment required. Follow the videos on your TV with a Chromecast. Also, remember you need to eat properly. You can have an iron abs, but the fat will cover them and you won’t be able to show them around. Diet it’s needed as well.