Now edit your photos on your TV

Surely you know about Autodesk Pixlr and have spent countless hours editing your photos on the small screen of your phone. Imagine how well they are going to happen now that you can have all content directly on your TV, from the 4’3 or 5’5 inch to 47…

For those who need a little more information about this application we will tell you its a editor for your photos, very complete and easy to use. If you have never dared to Photoshop or Instagram filters are not enough for you, Pixlr mark a before and after in the way you do and create pictures. You can choose a simple picture and finish by adding a large assembly lights, overlapping pictures, making a collage or almost everything you can imagine. Also you can send photos directly to those social networks where you want to share.

Note: This application is free. Available in 10 languages.