A curious version of the game in our Chromecast

This is a fun, fast paced version of original Scrabble has all of the word building fun in a totally new game. You can play it solo or go head-to-head with up to four of your friends and family.

¿How to play that new version of the game? First you will need to use your Android device to connect to a Chromecast enabled TV. Then tap the tiles on your device to spell words and swipe the words up to the TV as fast as you can to earn points. Spell as many words as possible on your 7 letter rack in 60 seconds. If you play all 7 letters you earn 50 extra points. Like the original game you can earn Double and Triple letter bonuses to rack up more points. You need another point of view from your letters? Shake your device to shuffle your tile rack for new building possibilities!

Note: This game requires google Chromecast to play. Each player must have Scrabble Blitz installed on their device to join your game. Game language, english.